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Coynotkoi is dating in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

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  • Nickname: Coynotkoi
  • City: Simcoe
  • Province: Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Man

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Kanien'kéha, wolf clan


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I am a quiet, thoughtful, and devoted individual. I have a very broad sense of humor. My musical tastes have more to do with quality than genre. I have a particular interest in history, but otherwise find enjoyment in most everything from hiking to just staying in and beating a new game. I am very fond of discussion and debate. My taste in movies has horror as a front-runner, with period pieces and sci-fi' roughly tied for second. I am very easy-going despite an occasionally guarded or reserved demeanor. An additional fun fact is that I, as you have likely surmised, am terrible at describing myself.